The journey begins with a cup of coffee. I am a coffee LOVER
Determine Strategy First we determine the direction and then we set the objectives for a new website, application or campaign Determine User Through personality analysis, we gain insight into what users moves, motivates and how behavior is affected
The new plan is now getting some form of concept, which the creative process provides the first abstract representation Concept Inspiration
We observe and explore different views around the main question and it will be the first abstract idea
VISUAL DESIGN The functional design is the basis for the visual design. This determines how a website will look on the world wide web. User Interface After these steps, the final product is fully designed. What will all the pages look like? The design contribute to a simple and effective interaction
DEVELOPMENT The design of the website should also be realized technically, here are severals techniques possible. We independently evaluate which system is the best. Back end
Following these steps we should also ensure the server side can be programmed properly.

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